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Here it is, my very first Christmas album! While spending the years growing up in Florida it's always been a challenge to get into the Christmas spirit. When it’s 85° out/sunny and the middle of December it can be hard to get into the Christmas mindset. This is probably the reason why I’ve never done a Christmas album till now… so for this project I figured the best thing I can do is write about what I know.

I got the opportunity to team up with a good friend and producer spec house to create this entire project. It runs the gamut of ridiculous to serious, all the while chronicling the story of a man named Dave on stuck on a terrible vacation in Florida. In a lot of ways it’s a throwback to my earlier albums where I wasn't afraid to be deathly serious and ridiculously over-the-top.

I had so much fun making this album, it was probably the easiest record I've ever made in 20 years. If you've ever been frustrated by shopping, your kids, or the craziness that goes into the holiday season this album is for you! Conversely, at its core it is still very much about the reason for the season: Jesus.

It's the perfect album to put on as you get ready for your holiday season…I hope you get as much joy out of it as I got to make it.

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