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Table of Contents

Opening Credits Introduction Chapter 1: How I Got My Name Chapter 2: Insecure Chapter 3: Tron the Racist Dog Chapter 4: I Almost Burned the Island Down Chapter 5: The G-Force Posse Chapter 6: I Almost Became a Mormon Chapter 7: How I Wrote My First Rap Chapter 8: Prophecy Fulfilled Chapter 9: Gunshots on MLK Chapter 10: Booed Off the Stage at Tribe Called Quest Chapter 11: They Put Me on the Gang File Chapter 12: Wedding Day Disaster Chapter 13: How I Was Discovered Chapter 14: Spells, Warlocks, and Skate Kids Chapter 15: Dear Slim Chapter 16: Scribble Jam Chapter 17: The Dove Awards Chapter 18: Christian Rap Beef Chapter 19: Jesus Freak Chapter 20: Bill Cosby's Bathroom Chapter 21: Agree to Disagree Chapter 22: Guinness World Record Holder Chapter 23: Mary Vs Martha Conclusion Closing Credits

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