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Best time of the Year
produced: Lamontt “Spechouse” Blackshire
written by: J. Sorrentino, Lamont “Spechouse” Blackshire (Spechouse Media ASCAP)
mixed by: Anthony Quest and Lamontt “Spechouse” Blackshire


So while your up north there ya getting getting freezed out
Im down south walking around town with my knees out
Feeling the breeze now with the palm trees out
And unless its ocean well I don’t pull the ski’s out
So don’t be hating all on me pal
Cause it’s all green and there’s no brown leaves out
This is florida and I don’t plan to leave now
And the only thing i got to make sure is the pool cleaned out
Oh im sorry is that a turn off
Cuz your lips are purple and chapped and about to burn off
Trying to get all the sand and the dirt off
My feet cuz I’m at the beach lounging with the shirt off
Take a turtle and a gator and then I go dip
And ride a manatee off into the sunset
Are we there dad are we having fun yet
Sit down hush up button up your one lip

Its the best time of the year
Best time of the year
Im a make it real clear
Its the best time of the year aw yeah aw yeah

Merry Christmas get this on your wish list
Fingers on the wrist get froze like a fish stick
as the time tick ticks ya really might miss this
All you wanna do is drop the dough like it’s bisquick
you in the snow with ya 6 kids
Smashing through the road in ya town or ya district
Cause the crowds are a thick clique
Your nose won’t stop running man you’re getting sick quick
Before you checking of the list kid
I came to remind you of this this
Reason of the season aint just a gift list
Its Jesus the greatest gift man that a gift gives