1. Get Out My Way
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Get out my way
produced by: Lamontt “Spechouse” Blackshire
written by: J. Sorrentino, Lamontt “Spechouse” Blackshire (Spechouse Media ASCAP)
mixed by: Johnny Grande


Man the mall’s so popping
Man she won’t stop shopping
Man she won’t stop stopping
Its 5 in morning i cant stop yawning
Why do we keep on walking
Why do we keep on talking
I feel like she got me locked in
Somebody call in the cops in
I cant not do this no mo’
I cant not walk in this store
There was a kid at the door
Seeing him eating his food off the floor
Im getting disgusted for sho’
Man he picking his nose
Wiping the junk on his clothes
No where can I go im a lose it fo’ sure

Get out my way

Why you wanna drive so bad drive so bad
Get out my way
Why you wanna take my bag take my bag
Get out my way
Yall just make me mad make me mad
Get out my way please
What’s up with dad?
Unhhhh get out my way

I can not just remain calm
I am so sick of this song
Kids where is ya mom
Kids where is ya mom
Why is there cheese on your arm
Did you just sneeze in your palm
Why can’t you two get along
Why? ah cinnabon
Siri show me the car
I can not find it all
I am so sick of this mall
I am so sick of you all please pick up my call
I might sit in the hall
Maybe I’ll just talk to the wall
Take a nap on the floor
This aint shopping it’s war