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All I Want ft. Spechouse
produced by: Lamontt “Spechouse” Blackshire
written by: J. Sorrentino, Lamontt “Spechouse” Blackshire
mixed by: Johnny Grande


All I want for Christmas is this short list
and of course this and these porsches
So all I want for Christmas is this whole list
and if I don’t get I’m still so blessed
and all I want for Christmas is a fast car
like a rap star like Nascar
the Savior was born what more could I ask for
unless your saying I could ask more
Now all I really want is this

wanna know God in a bigger way
have my own mall yeah plus a chic fil a
i wanna ball like im michael J
then crawl up the wall like I’m spiderman get away
get a little cray scream like I’m lil tay
swim in a little lake scare all the kid away
and eat a little steak with a little bit of a little cake
and let christmas go right there to the month of may
i want the freshest pair of air max
till all the haters got to stop now stare back
like I’m riding on a unicorn down on fairfax
bareback screaming out what the heck you staring at
i want to always pick the fast line
when im in the gas line when i gotta pass time
go faster than a cat up a fast climb
and have all my teams win the game now by half time

i want to roll with my little team
hit the scene I’m a buy out the krispy kreme
a big hug plus a cup full of listerine
to every stank breath thug acting a little mean
let them know about the one who could get em clean
let em know about the son who can get em free
they can have a real love plus a little peace
and I’m only knowing that because he so real to me
arcade of centipede and some pac man
and everywhere I go there’d be a rap jam
and every show that I flow would be packed man
w/ every rap fan now from white to black and
i want 100 caps and a hat stand
my own jam band that played when i ran man
100 laps while I’m waving at the grand stand
end with a hand stand just because i can man