1. Go To Bed
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Go to Bed
produced by: Dominic Gibbs
written by: J. Sorrentino, Dominic Gibbs
upright bass: Greg “Pigz” Wickstrom
mixed by: Johnny Grande


it was the night before Christmas and all up through the house
all my creatures is stirring they jumping on the couch
they grab the remote control man then they ran around
while Im yelling at em’ won’t you please go turn it down
then i heard a sound and then i turned around
sniffed the air smelling like somethings burning now
Christmas trees on fire and its about to burn on down
but my kids are moving slower than a turtle now
and then I put it out feeling like I gone insane
while the other one just got into the candy canes
sugar rush it be going straight up to his brain
now he’s chasing the cat up and down the window pane
and i feel deranged while im steady standing there
cuz they dressed the dog up just like a reindeer
its Christmas eve do you even straight care?
I’m looking at them then I had to say here

Won’t you go to bed
why won’t you go to bed
your driving your Dad crazy in the head
why won’t you go to bed

then they ate the milk and cookies like a cannibal
looked at me said keep the change filthy animal
then they ran and rolled right into a handled phone
running and they screaming like Kevin just did in Home alone
so i stand alone feeling like im going nuts
staring at these legos pieces and some broken trucks
if you make me stress and cuss and cause another fuss
its just gonna be Festivus right here for the rest of us
but i had enough they just made me mad
they broken everything how they gonna pay me back
staring at my children while they acting crazy bad
grinch is about to steal Christmas and his name is dad
and im crazy mad see my wife walking up
she said knock it off with all that humbug
dont forget the very reason for the one love
why we just celebrate Jesus thats enough