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Outro: Happy New Years
produced by: Lamontt “Spechouse” Blackshire
written by: J. Sorrentino
mixed by: Anthony Quest and Lamontt “Spechouse” Blackshire


For auld lang syne my dear
For auld lang syne
We’ll save a cup of kindness yet
Oh sing of auld lang syne

Last year was a tough year man a rough year
But I got to stop and drop a little love here
Cause what I lost it could never ever compare
To everything I’ve found in the cross what he’s done there
And its so clear I come so far
So bring on the new year on let’s go off
Aint nothing gonna stop us now so go hard
So let that old year go its time to go on
Aint nothing left to know but to know God
He’s in control and the shows gotta roll on
Its been a tough ride so just hold on
Its gonna get better man so say so long
The past there and all your past fears
And thank God that at least you come here
And I’m a tell my wife now just to come near
Let me get a little kiss when it hits the new year